Certified Retirement Community

Welcome to Tulia

Located in the High Plains of the Texas Panhandle, Tulia is a quiet and safe community about halfway between Amarillo and Lubbock. Interstate access makes it close to just about everything-two international airports, two scenic state parks, two universities, sporting events, entertainment venues, the arts, and museums. And it's just a half-day's drive to the mountains of New Mexico and Colorado.

Tulia has a long and proud history as shown in the Swisher County Archives and Museum. Tulia was designated the county seat in 1890. Present day, Tulia has a stable and growing economy that provides a wide diversity of employment opportunities ranging from part-time work to entrepreneurial endeavors encouraged by various local and regional entities supporting entrepreneurship.

Tulia has a mild climate with four distinct seasons. Summer temperatures are moderated by the high altitude, with nights significantly cooler than daytime highs. In winter, our typically sunny skies make for pleasant days. Humidity is wonderfully low and the breeze is constant.

Community Profile Statistics

Population: 5,000
Sales Tax: 8.25%
Property Taxes: 2.804%
Crime Index: 375
Median Home Value: $48,200
Nearest Hospital/Emergency Care (miles): 

0 miles - Swisher Memorial Hospital

Nearest Military Base (miles): 

90 miles Cannon Air Force Base

Nearest Airport (miles): 

50 miles Amarillo International Airport

Average February Temp: 40º F
Average August Temp: 89º F
Average Annual Rainfall/Snowfall: 19.5 inches


The GO TEXAN Certified Retirement Community Program is a certification and promotion program provided by the Texas Department of Agriculture. To become a certified retirement community, each community must complete a rigorous application process including a retiree desirability assessment. Each application is reviewed and scored by an independent advisory committee comprised of volunteers who are experienced in various aspects of community and economic development.

The GO TEXAN stamp of approval ensures each certified community has demonstrated through its application that it can meet the living, employment/volunteer, health, entertainment, education and safety needs of its citizens and visitors - all the things that make Texas a great place to retire.

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