Code of Ordinances

Code of Ordinances

Tulia's goal is to have beautiful neighborhoods, well-kept homes, businesses and high property values. To help maintain this excellent reputation, the city has adopted a number of laws and regulations to ensure the quality of life for community members.

The Tulia Municipal Code is the collection of city ordinances that have been adopted by the City Council over the years. It is a living document and is periodically amended to better reflect the community standards that residents and businesses have expressed to city leaders. The city is granted the authority to create these local ordinances that become law through provisions of the Texas Local Government Code.

The city strives to promote and protect the welfare of the community and seeks a partnership with residents to help keep Tulia a safe, healthy and desirable place to live and work.

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Ordinances passed since the last codification in 2004 (PDF)

Please contact the City Secretary at (806) 995-3547 for information on the most current ordinances.